Coaching for Market Development Professionals

Why Coaching?

Coaching is a cost-effective way for an organization to strengthen its core competency in market development with a systems lens. In addition, one-on-one coaching during a project can provide measurable results for on-the-ground practitioners.

Based on the concept of “learning by doing,” the coaching service I offer engages methods of enquiry to assist candidates in identifying and then testing solutions to the challenges they face in their current position. This dialogical approach supports each candidate in developing the skills and professional competencies they need to apply a systems approach to market development.

Coaching provides the immediacy and concrete results that traditional training models for teaching professionals cannot.  

It is also an approach that encourages reflective learning for any staff member associated with a project, whether they are field staff or the organization’s senior and middle managers.

My Background

I have been involved in human rights and international economic development since work since 1986. I started as a human rights witness with  El Grupo de Apoyo Mutuo por el Aparecimiento con Vida de Nuestros Familiares – GAM (the Mutual Support Group for the Live Appearance of Our Relatives) in Guatemala, and later took on various roles through contracts with organizations including CIDA, Street Kids International, CARE and Katalysis Partnership.

I have led economic development projects in Guatemala, Afghanistan, Morocco, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

I have developed participatory techniques for sharing skills while working with local and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Eastern Europe, Asia, Central and South America, Africa and Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, the poorest urban postal code in Canada. In addition, I have delivered training courses in Canada, the U.S., South Africa and Costa Rica, to name just a few locations. Check out my CV for more details. 

It has been inspiring to deconstruct economic concepts so that everyone can understand how markets operate, whether they are market development practitioners, senior managers or marginalized people themselves. This work is my way of contributing towards social change.

My Coaching Philosophy

In coaching, as in all of my work, I’m committed to making knowledge accessible and to bringing inclusive market development competency to the forefront as a measure of success for economic development initiatives. I always make that goal clear to my clients when doing international work.

My coaching strategies assist organizations and practitioners on the ground to develop the high-quality, in-house expertise required to facilitate systemic change in markets—the kind of change that creates space for the most vulnerable in society to participate in economic development.

Every coaching plan is customized. Each plan is developed directly with the on-the-ground market development practitioner, responding to the candidate’s level of expertise and needs.

Preparing Your Coaching Plan

I will undertake the following tasks in preparing your plan:

  • Review all documents relating to the project: project proposal, RFA/RFP, relevant project reports, etc.
  • Review your job description
  • Review your completed Coaching Application Form in which you provide information about your level of expertise, past training, level of comprehension of market development, and areas that you would like to work on with a coach pertaining to your current contract/position.
  • Develop a draft coaching plan based on the above information. The plan will include your coaching goals and specific activities that correspond to them.
  • Discuss the draft plan with you via phone or Skype and make changes according to your input
  • Send the Coaching Plan to you for review and sign off. At this stage you can still make changes to the plan before signing off. This is a learner-directed process.
Individual Coaching sessions
  • Each coaching session will centre on an activity associated with one of your coaching goals.
  • The sessions will be conducted by phone or via Skype.
  • After each session you will receive a Coaching Session Report that summarizes our discussion and presents the agreed-upon deliverables for the next coaching session. This report will be emailed to you within two days of the coaching session.
  • Sometimes when working on coaching goals new learning needs can emerge. At any time, your coaching plan may be revised to meet your learning needs.
Benefits to Coaching for your Organization
  • Continuity, succession management and continued learning for all involved
  • Systematic documentation of the coaching process, which can be a learning tool for the whole organization
  • Cost-effective professional development for your staff, tailored to their specific needs.
Benefits for the Market Development Professional
  • Constructive collaboration with an experienced professional
  • Cost-effective professional development designed to your specific needs and focused on your current projects
  • Measurable on-the-ground results
Coaching Packages

A minimum of 10 hours must be contracted for each customized coaching plan.

Two packages are available:

  • $1000 for an assessment (4 hours) and 3 coaching sessions.
  • $1500 for an assessment (4 hours) and 6 coaching sessions.

Each coaching session will include 1 hour on phone or Skype with the coaching candidate, and the coach will spend 1 hour to summarize the session in a coaching session report and prepare for the subsequent coaching session.

Contact Mary for more details.

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