Mary Morgan’s Area of Expertise:

  • Complex Market Systems
  • Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P)
  • Subsector and Value Chain analysis
  • Business Development Services (BDS)
  • Identifying commercial solutions to market constraints faced by micro enterprises
  • Designing national microeconomic development (MED) program strategies for NGOs which include monitoring and evaluation systems to track the impact
  • Facilitating participatory market analysis
  • Designing and conducting socio-economic impact evaluations
  • Building capacity with national staff in how to conduct participatory market analysis, design appropriate interventions to facilitate market development and effective monitoring systems
  • Coaching Market Development Professionals

Mary Morgan MAeD has worked in the area of socio-economic development since 1986. Her work has included developing financial and non-financial services which create an opportunity for marginalized populations to participate in and benefit from their participation in economy.  See Mary Morgan’s Current CV. Ms. Morgan incorporates a gender analysis and community based approach in all professional assignments to foster community involvement and the active participation of  all the economic actors in the market system.  She works with market development practitioners to deconstruct market economic concepts so there is a basic comprehension of how the market economy works and what influences the market systems where micro enterprises and micro producers operate. These concepts are woven into project design to ensure a systemic approach to inclusive market development.

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